Since spring 2019, the newly founded Dortmunder Akademie für_Theater_und_Digitalität has been investigating the possibilities of the performing arts in digital modernity and researching new technologies, working structures, narratives and definitions. Next Level presents the work of this model project for digital innovation, applied research, and artistic-technical education and training. In addition, Next Level offers the first generation of scholarship holders a platform to present their current research results to the public for the first time and to make new approaches playable and tangible.

Michael Eickhoff (Akademie für_Theater_und_Digitalität) (Akademie für_Theater_und_Digitalität), Friedrich Kirschner (Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch) and students of the HfS Ernst Busch as well as the scholarship holders of the Akademie für_Theater_und_Digitalität will discuss the paths of applied research in the performing arts on Friday, 29.11. from 14:30 on.