ARTEscénicas + digitalidad

„ARTEscénicas + digitalidad“ is a programm of the Goethe-Institut, developed by the Instituts in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil and Columbia – in close cooperation with the Academie for Theater and Digitality, the cultural centre „Espacio Checoslovaquia“, the production and residency house „Centro de Creación y Residencia NAVE“ in Chile, the „Instituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas de Uruguay“ and with the generous support of the Wilo Foundation. 

„ARTEscénicas + digitalidad“ stands for a special exchange between creatives, cultural experts with technicians or creative coders. It connects experts and young theatre talents in the fields of art / culture and technology / new media between Europe and South America. With this innovative programme, the Goethe-Instituts in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia are targeting interdisciplinary groups from these five countrys.

The programme provides a space to explore the application of new technologies, media and digital tools in the context of the performing arts. It promotes the aesthetic consideration of new media and technologies in contemporary theatre production through mentoring and professional seminars, research residencies and support in the implementation of projects selected for this purpose. 


Runtime: August 2022 - January 2024.