The Academy for Theatre and Digitality and the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) have offered joint research fellowships since 2021, at the intersection of digital art and cutting-edge scientific research.

The goal is to inspire dialogue between the fields of art and science and, in particular, to create rich exchanges between digital arts and digital sciences - in the form of new forms, technologies. 

The fellowships aim to provide a stage for science and technology, to make the enormous possibilities inherent in cutting-edge digital research accessible to the theatre of tomorrow, and to support the transfer of new methods, thoughts, and insights. 

The following topics are of particular priority: : 

  • Dialogue, innovation and visionary approaches to dealing with information technologies, data and research results of the Helmholtz Association. 

  • Innovation and originality in the appropriation of novel technologies and in the processing of data and research results for the stage or for theatrical contexts.  

  • Innovation of methodological approach from an artistic and scientific point of view. 

Thus, the fellowships focus on questions such as: How can datasets of cutting-edge scientific research or information technologies be detached from the scientific context for which they were created and illuminated anew in artistic contexts? Are the scientific partners motivated by the project to think through their work in new ways? Do new thoughts emerge that complement or reflect anew on the original research purpose? Are inspirations for the original research domain or the cultural sector created? 


With the generous support of the Wilo Foundation.


About the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) :

The Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers conducts top-level, mission-driven research that benefits society in all technologically relevant domains. As Germany’s largest research organization, Helmholtz therefore plays a role in shaping the future and our world of tomorrow. One of the key challenges facing science and research is utilizing methods from the field of information and data sciences; that is, exploiting digitalization to acquire knowledge that will benefit society. Helmholtz tackles these challenges in various ways and also founded the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA) to this end. HIDA’s goal is to train the next generation of data scientists and establish innovative networks and fellowship programs across Germany and at the international level.