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Virtual event within the framework of the Digitale Woche Dortmund

Nils Corte and Roman Senkl (“minuseins”) are Creative Coder and currently Fellows at the Academy. Commissioned by Ars Electronica, they most recently created virtual spaces with Mozilla Hubs in which real encounters of real-time avatars are possible. Mozilla Hubs guarantees social encounters and a great artistic diversity combined with a high degree of usability: computer, screen and keyboard are all that’s needed to enter the virtual spatial structures; use through VR headsets remains possible. During DiWoDo, Corte and Senkl will give an insight into the manifold possibilities of Mozilla Hubs.

Practical tips: A brief practical introduction to control in Mozilla Hubs can be found here. For Ars Electronica, Corte and Senkl created Kepler’s Garden VR – a virtual festival with more than a hundred rooms, all of which are easily accessible and can be entered by their own avatars, alone or together. Under the following link, interested parties can also create their own personal avatar and use it in Mozilla Hubs.

Access: from 2.50p.m. the following room is open (for best access please use Google Chrome)