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Enjoy Complexity#6: Verhandlungsräume der Demokratie im Zeitalter des Digitalen

  Welche Schnittmengen finden Informatik und Dramaturgie, welche Berührungspunkte das „Institut für die Digitalisierung von Arbeits- und Lebenswelten (Idial)“ an der FH Dortmund und die Dramaturgische Gesellschaft? Im Vorfeld der Digitalen Woche Dortmund (#DiWoDo2020) diskutieren Sabine Sachweh, Professorin für Informatik am Idial, und Harald Wolff, Dramaturg und Vorstandsvorsitzender der Dramaturgischen Gesellschaft, über Verhandlungsräume der Demokratie: Welche Weichen müssen oder sollten Kommunen heute stellen, damit sich angesichts von Digitalisierungsprozessen und der Verwandlung der Gemeinwesen in Smart Citys Gemeinschaft konstituieren kann? Welche…

The Virtual World of Mozilla Hubs

Virtual event within the framework of the Digitale Woche Dortmund Nils Corte and Roman Senkl ("minuseins") are Creative Coder and currently Fellows at the Academy. Commissioned by Ars Electronica, they most recently created virtual spaces with Mozilla Hubs in which real encounters of real-time avatars are possible. Mozilla Hubs guarantees social encounters and a great artistic diversity combined with a high degree of usability: computer, screen and keyboard are all that's needed to enter the virtual spatial structures; use through…

ENJOY COMPLEXITY#7: Pro “Mash-Up” – Stage The Remix!

2ManyDJs enrage Rock-Puritans with "Nirvana vs Destiny's Child"; Brian Burton reaps fame for his "Grey Album"; the team around Kay Voges literally sends his actress into the fridge and dares the "border walk" with Nietzsche, Deleuze and AFD election propaganda. The digital networking, availability and changeability of material favour artistic practices based on referential appropriation and creative processing. Mash-ups mix the existing and the known. They reflect the current technical-digital production possibilities and can be read as a creative expression…


The two fellows of the academy Marco Donnarumma and Andrea Familari form the performance collective "Fronte Vacuo" with Margeritha Pevere. Donnarumma and Familari give insights into their research work and present their long-term research project "Humane Methods". The two internationally renowned choreographers and video artists work with body sensors, robot-supported prostheses, methods of artificial intelligence - and let music and light interact with each other interactively. "" (as part of "Humane Methods") will come on stage in Vienna in January…

A Series of the Interdisciplinary #2

  The event series „A Series of the Interdisciplinary” at Schaubühne Lindenfels is to be continued with a contribution from Marcus Lobbes, director of the Academy for Theatre and Digitality. Regarding the current conditions the impulse about digital playgrounds as well as artistic and technological possibilities will take place online via Zoom. Further information and registration here.

OPEN LAB // Annual Conference Dramaturgische Gesellschaft

It’s graduation time again! The 3rd fellowship is coming to an end – in the middle of the current shutdown. Our Fellows have worked more that five months on their research projects at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality, and despite all the obstacles and interruptions, uncertainties and rescheduling due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to invite the world on the 23rd of January, 2 pm, to out virtual presentation in context of the annual conference of the Dramaturgische…

Artist talk: Marcus Lobbes

The Academy remains closed due to the current pandemic – nevertheless we try to use this time productively! In cooperation with the Theater- und Konzertfreunde e.V. we invite you to catch up on what is happening behind the doors. Director Marcus Lobbes talks with Ulrich Wantia, click here to watch the stream, starting at 7pm.

PlayOn! Conference in Dortmund!

The european network PlayOn!, including 9 theatres, comes together in Dortmund, at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality to talk about the future of theatre in context of the digitalization. More info here.

OpenLab 05 – Graduation

The current semester of the Fellowship Program at the Academy of Theatre and Digital presents the research results of the past 5 months. Details on the format will be posted here soon.

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