A central project within the Academy for Theatre and Digitality is the ongoing development of a platform that documents the work of the fellowship projects, as well as the research outcomes from Academy collaborations with other institutions. In addition to the documentation of the artistic-technical work itself, the platform also includes a directory of the researchers involved in the projects. This results in an extensive database of artists and technicians and details their particular areas of expertise - a powerful source of skill sharing and a first point of access for projects of all kinds. 

The development of this documentation platform is based on the fact that, compared to other theatrical formats, digital and/or post-digital works require significant amounts of expert knowledge and technical equipment. Moreover, as the technologies used can become outdated and personnel costs in the IT sector remain high, knowledge sharing is all the more vital. Accordingly, there is great potential for this exchange of knowledge to save costs in the medium and long term, and to advance artistic and technical development in a decisive and sustainable manner. The Academy for Theatre and Digitality is also active in the expanded ecosystem of research dissemination, and launched the cross-institutional website nachtkritik+/wissen in 2022, in partnership with nachtkritik.de. 

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