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Workshop: Choreographic Lab about Cooling and Adaptation

Choreographic Lab: Cooling and Adaptation

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Our current HIDA Fellow Hen/i (creative director and interdisciplinary artist) and dancer Min Yoon invite you to a somatic dance workshop on "Cooling and Adaptation."

People with a movement background (dance, embodiment, social art practices) and those who are passionate about research with movement are invited to come to the Academy of Theater and Digitality on May 12 between 3-7pm. All that is necessary is: a notebook, pen, comfortable clothes, and the ability to engage in somatic exploration while being mindful of your own limitations while staying connected to the research questions in a group of like-minded people.

In the face of climate change, adaptation is necessary. But what it means to adapt in our own lives?
We all have habits, routines, and rituals that determine the quality of our lives. But are we aware of the program we play out every day? What adjustments do we wish to make? And how can we establish new habits? How do we affect our own bodies and those of the group?

All this will be part of an open studio where Hen/i and Min will present their movement developments. The workshop offers the chance to try out different exercises in the group and get feedback.
In doing so, Hen/i and Min will lead through various exercises to explore adaptation through writing prompts and discovering change through our natural abilities to regulate and adapt our behaviors and beliefs in our own bodies and in relationship to each other.

The workshop is free of charge.
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