In addition to its core tasks, in the three and a half years of its existence the Academy has provided comprehensive and practical advice to an immense number of consortia and actors from culture, science and (cultural) politics at regional, supra-regional and international level, including 

  • numerous theatres and theatre festivals in the German-speaking and international area: 

  • independent ensembles and groups of artists 

  • artists and technicians from a wide range of professions  

  • students in bachelor and master theses 

  • structural consultations at universities and colleges 

  • in lectures and discussion panels at network meetings, festivals and (teaching) events 

  • Goethe-Instituts in Europe, Central Asia and South America  

  • cultural policy institutions 

  • various state ministries on strategies and funding for digital projects 

  • the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Foreign Office 

The following examples are representative: 



...was founded in early 2021 on the initiative of the Academy together with Staatstheater Augsburg. The network is a decentralised and non-hierarchical association of digitally interested institutions that commit themselves to enriching their upcoming repertoires with a digital strategy understood as a whole theatrically - in other words, to facing up to the digital cultural change. The associated paradigm shift in the communication strategy of the associated theatres and cultural institutions - i.e. the creation of an open, helpful and transparent platform - forms a milestone in the context of the core concerns of the Academy that radiates far beyond the participating partners.

Digital theatre services in the data space of culture

Following that impulse and with the support of the Academy, the Deutscher Bühnenverein, representing the interests of its affiliated theatres, is participating in a research project on the 'machine-readable playbill', which is funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The initial evaluation is in the hands of the Academy, the prototypical testing in those of the Augsburg State Theatre. As a partial aspect, this is an expression of the Federal Government's digital strategy "Cultures in Digital Transformation".

Kulturgesetzbuch NRW

At the request of Deutscher Bühnenverein, review of the bill in order to develop suggestions and formulations for digital strategies. Most of these can also be found in the finished cultural code (Kulturgesetzbuch).

with the Theatre Academy August Everding Munich

Hochschule für Musik und Theater München

Ongoing advisory support for the two institutions: from the initial consultation to the accreditation of the Master's programme 'Digital Performance' in the 'Digital Arts Centre' of the university, which is run jointly with the August Everding Theatre Academy, to external participation in the appointment committee for the professorship to be filled.

European Theatre Convention

Consultation on the development of a comprehensive survey for the affiliated approximately 45 European member theatres. The survey aimed to document the conceptual, content-related, budgetary and personnel changes triggered by the pandemic over the course of four years, which put the theatres in the context of a digital cultural change of their institution. The results of the study will be presented at the ETC General Assembly in Opole in May 2023 and will serve as an important tool in European cultural funding policy.