Ariane Trümper


Ariane Trümper is a Rotterdam based scenographer, media artist and researcher. Her work is situated on the intersection between media arts, performance and spatial design, researching perceptive and performative processes filtered through our bodies and technology. She is Holding a Master of Fine Arts in Scenography and is a PhD student at the University of the Arts (HKU) and the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht.

Ariane Trümper received grants from i.e. the Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam (CBK) for her research on the experience of space through sound, is an editorial member of the Dutch research group Platform-Scenography and regularly taking part in research formats, such as the Research Academy in Zurich, or the Academy for Theatre and Digitality at Theater Dortmund. She creates performative installations, set designs and media works, and is a tutor at the MA Scenography program of the HKU.