Johannes Bereiter-Payr


ludwig technique (a.k.a. Johannes Bereiter-Payr) is a cross-media concept and performance artist. A self-described media agnostic and generalist dilettante, he works in very diverse fields: software development for research laboratories, construction sites, art venues and theater productions (on and behind the stage), to name a few. He has an intense interest in almost everything and is not shy to take on unexpected offers. This has recently lead him on a wild adventure to obtain a degree in medical technologies and to work in a laboratory for robotics and industrial automation.

ludwig technique mostly works in collaborations with other artists, as this allows him to explore more modalities and create more faceted, immersive experiences. Since 2020, he has teamed up with theater director and performance artist Peter Lorenz to explore the delivery of interactive theatrical performance machines. As modern production techniques and distributed manufacturing become state of the art, ludwig technique incorporates them into the creation of his works, making use of the humane and production resources of local maker communities. Being transparent about the distributed production process and credit all people involved is an important aspect of his art.

Common themes for ludwig technique are recursive systems (e.g. feedback-loops), and interactive installations. He sees art as a means of pushing the boundaries of collective human perception, an inherently human endeavour of exploration and deeply related to scientific research.