Lena Biresch


Lena Biresch is an author, director, curator, dramaturg and game developer. After her studies in Hamburg and Naples, she recently completed a second training as VR game programmer at the SAE Institute Hamburg (for Unity).

Her research project “HoloPy³”, a cooperative game in and with virtuality, researches the expansion of theater with digital media, explores the applicability of holograms and virtual reality. In this respect, “HoloPy³” reflects on the added value of three-dimensional and interactive narrative forms in terms of content and art – especially in view of the non-existent fourth wall in these media. “HoloPy³” brings theater, holograms and virtual reality together in a new way: First of all, theater as a place of embodied performance, ritual performance practice and social exchange; then holograms as a collectively perceivable augmented (extended) reality; and finally virtual reality as an experience that is only realized in the conscious perception of the individual. Specifically, Lena Biresch will explore how real people can be realized live as holograms in a virtual environment.