Naoto Hieda


Naoto Hieda is an artist from Japan, based in Cologne with a background in engineering (B.Eng. from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and M.Eng. from McGill University, Canada) and currently enrolled in Diplom II at Academy of Media Arts Cologne. They question the productive aspect of coding to speculate its new form, namely post-coding, through neurodiversity and live-coding.

An artist and livecoder duo, Flor de Fuego and Naoto Hieda, has been performing and creating installations online using open source tools. Prior to the fellowship, being in Argentina and Germany, respectively, we started collaborating remotely by using live coding and web technologies. Live coding is an emerging field in new media and computational arts: a practice and tools for performing to create visuals and sounds by typing code on the spot. Often represented as “show us your screens”, performers are expected to present the screen with the code. During the fellowship, we expand the live coding practice beyond performance and propose new uses; as a method for collaborative rapid-prototyping, as a playful way for learning code and as a place where bodies meet virtuality.