Yvonne Dicketmüller


Yvonne Dicketmueller is a theater maker and freelance artist from Bochum. With her mobile stage, the RoboTheater, the trained puppeteer entertains children all over Germany with exciting robot stories. Besides classical theater plays the Bochum-based artist also explores more unconventional puppet theater formats. In 2018 she created the robot-installation “Ein Platz an der Sonne” in which little machine-beings compete with one another for the brightest spot beneath an artificial spotlight-sun.

Her pronounced interest for technology informs many of Yvonne Dicketmueller’s theatrical works. In 2021 the puppeteer intensively researched the possibilities of 3d-printing for puppetry. Her findings have led to several 3d-printed puppets in her new crankie-puppet-piece “Stina und der Tentakelarmverkäufer”.

Another focus of Yvonne Dicketmueller’s work are e-textiles. The artist works with conductive yarns and fabrics but also non-textiles that she submits to textile manufacturing processes. Her newest e-textiles art-work are hand-woven fabric speakers that she fabricated in 2020 during the pandemic and which have been on display at an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bochum in 2021.

At the academy Yvonne works at the intersection of puppet theater and costume. She wants to design a mechatronic costume, that reacts to its environment.

Photo: Donna und der Blitz GmbH