The Academy for Theatre and Digitality

The Academy for Theater and Digitality offers space for digital innovation, artistic research and, technology-oriented education and training. It is the center for the development of new theater forms and technologies that are significantly shaped by digitalization. Fellowships, sponsored by a wide range of partner institutions, are awarded annually to art and theater professionals from around the world. For the first time, two fellowships were announced at the same time, which will be carried out in the Academy's new building at the Digital Quarter in Dortmund. Currently, the application phase for Fellowship #8 and #9 is closed and the final selection will be published soon.

+++ New workshop +++

What do climate change and dance have in common? Adaptation.

In our daily life, we are determined by habits, routines, and rituals. How can we become more aware of our actions and our movements? Our HIDA Fellow, creative director, and interdisciplinary artist Hen/i, together with dancer Min Yoon, invites you to a free workshop on May 12 between 3-7 pm at the Academy for Theater and Digitality. More info...

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+++ ACuTe Open Calls will be published soon +++

As part of the ACuTe project, additional Open Calls will be published in stages between April and June 2023 with residencies across Europe.

ACuTe is a pioneering, large-scale European innovation project supported by Creative Europe. The goal of ACuTe is to revolutionize productions and performances in the theaters and performing arts through new technologies and cultural collaboration and skills development. The project will offer nine different residencies that will bring together research, development, and the application of new innovative methods and technologies in nine different theater productions. Each of the residencies will focus on a specific innovation and artistic-technological challenge to be implemented in one of the nine planned ACuTe productions.

The 9 residencies will be closely supported by one of the two ACuTe partner institutions - the Academy for Theater and Digitality (Dortmund, Germany) and Azkuna Zentroa Alhóndiga Bilbao (Spain). The residencies will first take place either in Dortmund or Bilbao to complete the research and development component. This is followed by a stay at the respective theater/production location for practical application and implementation.

All information about the specific artistic/technical profiles required within the residency for the respective production, as well as the specific time frame and available financial support, will follow with the respective call for applications.
More info...



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