The Academy for Theatre and Digitality

As a globally unique model project, the Academy for Theater and Digitality offers space for digital innovation, artistic research and technology-oriented education and training. It is the center for the development of new theater forms and technologies that are significantly shaped by digitalization. Fellowships, sponsored by a wide range of partner institutions, are awarded annually to art and theater professionals from around the world.

+++ The 9th Fellowship begins +++

The Academy for Theater and Digitality welcomed three new Fellows at the start of February 2024. The US duo Michael Rau and Michael Yates Crowley and Berlin-based artist Janne Kummer are the new creative minds who, alongside current Fellows Laura Waltz and Jorge Guevara, will fill the building with the wooded roof at Dortmund's Digitalhafen with artistic ideas. It's all about the perception of bodies: Which bodies will we and technology remember? Which bodies will be perceived as human? The use of artificial intelligence as a collaborator in theater productions will also be tested. How can artificial intelligence function live as a collaborative entity, creating new content, choreographies, audio files, projections and technical specifications in the lighting? And ultimately become a co-author itself? More information...

Space and equipment

The new building of the Academy for Theater and Digitality is situated in the Digital Quarter at the Dortmund harbor. Almost 2000sqm and a total of 7 research labs offer the fellows state-of-the-art equipment such as a motion capturing system, green screen technology, various sensor technologies, lidar scan technology, laser cutter and 3D printer. Expertise and equipment in areas ranging from MR, XR, VR and AR applications to AI and robotics applications expand research opportunities and offer insight into the digital methods and technologies of the future theater. More about the new building...



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