Fellowship07 - final selection official now!

At the end of March, an independent jury selected the scholarship holders for the coming semester at the Academy for Theater and Digitality.

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Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Academy awards a total of 54 fellowships for five months each. The residency, which is offered twice a year, is aimed at people interested in exploring artistic-technical connections in theatrical narratives. The goal of the program is to create an environment within which an existing research interest can be pursued and documented in a sustainable manner without the pressure of production. You can get an impression of the research residencies already completed at Theater Dortmund on the Academy's wiki: https://wiki.theater.digital/.
Included are projects by Fabian Raith, Jakob Lorenz/Stella Lennert, Björn Lengers and Josefina Maro/Salvador Marino.

Fabian Raith will build an interactive AR installation based on the podcast "Four Days of Fear" - a story about a failed escape from the GDR. In this set-up, the addition of virtual, but also acoustic and olfactory stimuli is intended to create a multi-layered space that allows for an individualized (re-)experience of the narration.
Jakob Lorenz/Stella Lennert also deal with interactive spaces, but think of interaction starting from scenography: based on classical theater literature, the team wants to investigate how the possibilities of VR can transform the space itself into a narrative medium.
Björn Lengers proposes an app-based "experience" in his project. The work, titled "Resonances," will be an interactive, immersive, and theatrical narrative that spans an extended period of time, merging reality and enactment.
Josefina Maro/Salvador Marino research digital bodies alongside biological ones, and the social as well as political dimensions inscribed in them. With the help of motion capture, robotic prostheses and holo-gauzes, a performance is to be created that explores the body narratives of the future with poetic visual language.