Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir


Sól Ey is an Icelandic multidisciplinary artist based in The Netherlands. In her work,  she creates multisensory experiences that connect sound, space, movement, light, and the body. With a background in composition, she makes performances, installations, and instruments that emphasise performative interaction, immersion, and participation. By using tools such as sensors, DIY electronics, scenography, video projections, and spatial sound, she strives to create a dynamic interplay between objects and perceivers, and form a sensitive environment for the audience to explore.

During the fellowship, she will work on a wearable speaker instrument called Hreyfð. This instrument works with gestures, sensors and microphones that modulate audio feedback, thus integrating sound and movement. Furthermore, the research explores the relationship between space and the body: between the performer’s bodies, the audience’s bodies and the space between them. Thus, the performance research also explores power structures within the performance space.